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 Sharingan Rules

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PostSubject: Sharingan Rules   Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:14 pm

Sharingan Rules.

1 Tomoe Sharingan: This level of the Sharingan generally ranges from Academy students to Young Genins. At this point the Sharingan has only been recently activated and so its still weak.

2 Tomoe Sharingan: Character ranks ranging from Genin to Chuunin will be able to train their Sharingan to reach this level. It is also at this stage that a Uchiha is able to copy techniques. However the techniques copied be used immediately and will require training to use these techniques. Keep in mind that one’s body and elemental affinity must allow this.

3 Tomoe Sharingan: This level will range from Chuunin to Jounin Rank. Regardless of what might have happened in the anime this is to maintain balance. As you know the Sharingan at this stage will be able to dispel and cast Genjutsu. And most notably copy techniques for immediate use, as long as said person is capable of doing so. Compared to the previous stages of the Sharingan this is when it reaches a form of completion.

Mangekyou Sharingan: Should one be so lucky to achieve the Rank of Jounin and reach this stage. Like all Mangekyou forms it will awaken 3 special techniques that goes along with it. For example Amaterasu etc. The Mangekyou Sharingan is also one of the most powerful forms a seen in the Manga. It is also said that only a Uchiha can resist the Genjutsu of this form of the Sharingan.

For every 8 posts the Mangekyou Sharingan is active during battle, the user will lose 5% of their Vision. Over time the user’s eyes will slowly drift into darkness as seen in the Manga.

The Sharingan itself will also be able to copy the jutsus of their opponent. This affects both Cannon and Custom Jutsus, however copying special bloodline technique will not be permitted. Kekkei Genkai techniques will generally involve a mixture of two elements to form another. For example, Mokuton, Hyouton and other Kekkei Genkai Techniques.

Should a Technique be copied during battle, upon the Uchiha’s choosing to train for this technique. It would generally only take half the amount of time needed to master it. Thus a training post can be completed in half the time. Those wielding the Sharingan must keep in mind. That a Jutsu created from scratch will require a normal training posts which coincides with the training rules. Under no circumstances is a Uchiha clan member to claim that they have copied something that they haven’t. As such made up Npc or Sensei techniques cannot be copied. Should another member of the site choose to play these Npcs or Sensei then it maybe allowed in some cases.

Sharingan Facts:

Sharingan is the blood inheritance limit of the Uchiha Clan. The Uchiha are said to be descendants of the Hyuuga, with the Byakugan changing into the Sharingan over time. This doujutsu (eye skill) gives one the ability to read Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu and then defeat it. As such, the clan member can view a technique being performed and almost instantly memorize the movements required to be able to complete it, including the needed chakra moldings and seals used. However the clan member cannot copy techniques that are unique to another bloodline and the clan member must have a body capable of meeting the chakra and physical requirements to do the jutsu. This rarely stops the clan member though, as such stressful situations often push their limits farther and allow them to harness their full potential.

The Sharingan itself contains three tomoe (comma). A higher mastery of the Sharingan can be seen in the creation of a new tomoe in the eye, with three tomoe being the typical highest form of the eye. The rare Mangekyou form is a unique evolution of the Sharingan beyond the three tomoe form, please see its entry for more information. An eye possessing two tomoe can allow the Uchiha clan member to track the movement of an opponent and do some minor copying of an opponents attack. For avoiding incoming attacks, the Uchiha's speed and agility will greatly control whether they can move to avoid it. However, three tomoe will greatly help in this area.

Two tomoe will also allow the ninja to pierce Genjutsu and see the surrounding reality for what it really is. It can also allow the member to pierce another’s body and see their chakra. While the eye is not refined enough to see the tenketsu and chakra circulatory system like the Byakugan, it can view the movement and flow of chakra. This can help them tell if a person is trapped in a Genjutsu, or if an attacker is a real threat or merely a bunshin.

An eye containing three tomoe will allow the ninja to see the image of an attacker’s next move from the slightest muscle tension in their body. This prevents wasteful movement and allows the Uchiha clan member to conserve much needed chakra in battle. It allows them to synchronize their movement to strike at an area moments before their opponent is even in that spot, essentially allowing them to strike out and hit their opponent before they're even there.

Three Tomoe also grants the Uchiha the ability to do Genjutsu and hypnosis after locking eyes with an enemy. This can be used to cause their opponent to do an attack of the Uchiha's choosing. This hypnosis can also be used as a Genjutsu counter, which is the ability to turn a Genjutsu spell back upon the original caster without the requirement of forming any hand seals.

Note: Rules Are Subject To Change Where an Admin/Mod Sees Fit.

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Sharingan Rules
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