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 Battle Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Battle Rules & Regulations   Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:41 am

Battle Rules and Regulations.

1. Each player will have 48hrs in which to post, if they’re currently in a battle. What this means is, if you don’t post then your liable to get auto hit. This works in cases where your opponent attempted to land a hit in their previous post.

2. If you so happen to make the mistake of not dealing with an opponent’s attack in your post. Then your opponent holds the right to say their attack hit the intended target. What this means is, you should read your opponent’s post carefully. Failure to do so, could get you in trouble during a battle.

3. Be precise with your posts, this works both ways when your attacking and defending. For example. “Bob appeared behind his opponent and threw a Kunai”. The opponent might then post a response like this. “Dick then ducked and the Kunai went over him”. Sometimes this may cause an argument amongst Rpers. These arguments will come as a result of the Vagueness in your post. Instead why not try something like this?

“Bob appeared 2 feet behind his target and threw a Kunai. The Kunai thrown was aimed at the Shinobi’s calf”. Surely you can see that difference by now. If your not specific with your posts. Then your opponent has the right to possibly call a hit in some cases. Again vagueness will get you killed. So put some effort into posting and stating things.

4. In order to avoid God-moding and Role players coming up with illogical stuff. A Admin/Mod will have the right to void Posts like these after investigating. This is normally seen in cases where an Rper manages to dodge something and come away unscathed. For Example.

Bob performed a Jutsu that was set to detonate if anything came in contact with it. Bob was also badly injured and fatigued and wouldn’t be able to get out of the way in time. The explosion would be as large as two football fields.

Dick then performed a set of hand seals and released a Jutsu of his own from afar. It would then collide with Bob’s Jutsu, but unknowingly to him, it would explode.

Despite the fact that he is fatigued and injured, Bob summoned a Creature to aid him. At the same time his own jutsu wasn’t even 10ft away from him. The explosion went off, but Bob miraculously flew away on his summoning unscathed. See what Bob did there? Please don’t follow his example or your post will be void. And most likely your opponent will be able to call a hit on you, if they did attack in their previous post.

5. During a battle, you don’t have to necessarily explain what your character is planning. But what you should do so that its fair and does make sense. Will be to leave subtle hints behind in your post. This means don’t suddenly pull something out of nowhere that wasn’t there to begin with.

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Battle Rules & Regulations
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