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 Naruto Ninja Heaven (Read)

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PostSubject: Naruto Ninja Heaven (Read)   Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:31 pm

Info: Naruto Ninja heaven is a Online RPG site full of action, events and good storyline. We try or best in helping and fixing the problems you may face in your roleplaying environment. just ask for help if you need any. On this site we allow people to cannon Characters, but then of course you can always make a custom Character....or Both. For right now we are holding an event were the Hokage has been kidnapped by the Cloud village but they refuse to giver her back. War will break out with the two village. Everyone will be brought into the war. It has said that Akatsuki will be attacking the Cloud village as they battle it out with the Leaf. Blood will be shed and many shinobi will die in battle. Come and get involved with the war all you need to do it click the link below and begin the journey of your life.

Click here and join now!!

Staff:Pandora Phobia, Annabel Lee, Unknown, Raizo Yotsuki, Fuyuko, Masumi Saitou, Kuroya Hisu and Anya

(I couldn't find this sites Advertisement so if someone would pm it to me i will get it up immediately on that site.)
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Naruto Ninja Heaven (Read)
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