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 Takigakure's New Formation

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PostSubject: Takigakure's New Formation   Sun Dec 13, 2009 5:37 am

What was once a Village Hidden away by the vulnerable bosom of a Waterfall, has now undergone a few changes. No longer is it a Village with a small compound and little to no resources. The Hidden Waterfall Village no longer appears to be weak anymore. Such a facade is no longer visible in the eyes of those that would opt to undermine it. Takigakure was surely starting to become a prosperous country with a few noticeable changes. A Great Wall was erected around the Village, protecting itself from the outside influences of others. The wall in question surrounded the Entire Village acting as a inner sanctum to its inhabitants. The Walls was now white in color with red and black stripes carefully blending in. A vibrant appearance that would surely caught the eyes of the strangers to this Country. The Lands was also extended by a few more miles, adding more acres which would be put to good use. The Intervention of a Shinobi was definitely at work. Instead of one Waterfall, there was now several in strategic locations as it seems. Takigakure still managed to keep its main theme alive, the everlasting Waterfall played a huge part in its economy. The once meaningless Village had now become far more Militant. Skilled Guards was positioned at the Gates making entry a lot more difficult than a few years ago. These Guards seemed to be position at the four corners of the Village. East, West, North and South. And each of these walls was also being overseen by a set of other Guards in high look out towers. One simply cannot be too Cautions now, whatever it is that is going in in this Village must be kept a secret.

Inside these walls, the sound of construction could be heard. Along with the playful laughter of Children and future Shinobi could be heard caressing the streets. It was a refreshing sound for most, surely the Citizens of Takigakure hadn't forgotten the last decade. So much has changed since then, their leader only sought to build an empire instead of destroying. Perhaps Takigakure should consider itself lucky and honored at the same time too. The formation of the streets at changed also, new establishments, businesses soon began booming. School or Rather Academies for the fledglings was also erected. The irresponsible Chuunin and Jounins and even the elders had now become far more responsible. Takigakure would become a place of the future, not a nation that would yield to the demands of the Five Greater Nations. No. As long as one man was still breathing such a thing would be utterly impossible. Such thoughts should perish as soon as they come to mind. The People of this Nation now believed in something now matter how cliche and wrong it may seem. Some may criticize the hopes and justice of these people as being false. But where were they when this counter was almost destroyed? From the looks of things the Village had now become a sort of City, high buildings, hospitals, homes. Restaurants and a whole bunch of other Resources, farmers had more land to grow crops in order to feed their families. Except everyone seem to be working for each other instead of against one another. The reconstruction of the Village could be a good omen for the times that lay ahead.

Village Info:


There are Guards protecting the East, West, North and South Walls.

Look out Towers with Extra Guards overseeing Things that the Groung Troops might miss.

Genins, Chuunin and Jounin level Shinobi hard at work to Hone their Skills.


Other Resources


Shinobi Academy
Village Council
Military Police

Leisure Establishments:

Hot Springs

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Takigakure's New Formation
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