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 Jutsu Information

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PostSubject: Jutsu Information   Sat Aug 01, 2009 4:22 pm

  • Academy students~ can learn E-D Ranked Jutsus: They start with no jutsu at the begining. [can only have a max of Six Jutsus]

  • Genin~ can learn E-C Ranked Jutsus [can only have 20 jutsus in total. However when your creating your Genin character for the first time you can only have the 5 E-rank jutsu 3 D-rank and 2 C-rank jutsu. At this point you will have no elemental Jutsus. Genin may learn up to 4 B-rank jutsu before becoming a Chunin through training.
    Remember to put these:
    Bunshin no jutsu
    Kawarimi no jutsu
    Henge no jutsu

  • Chuunin~can learn E-B Ranked Jutsus [can only have 18 jutsus when creating your character.]

  • Jounin~ can learn E-S ranked jutsus (Jounins may only have two S-Ranked Jutsu at the begining) [can have 25 jutsus when creating character]

  • ANBU can learn jutsu depending on what rank they are if they are a chuunin ANBU they learn the amount of jutsus a chuunin can learn. If they are a jounin ANBU they learn jutsus for jounin.

  • Kage~ can learn E-S Ranked Jutsus (kage may only have three S-ranked jutsus at the begining) [can have 35 jutsus when creating character]

  • Missing-nins the ranks a missing-nin can learn depends on the rank they were before the became a missing-nin (ex. if you were a chuunin that became a missing-nin you will only be able to have in the begiining e-b ranked jutsus when making your character, you may then learn higher ranked jutsu when you rp on learning them) [the amount of jutsus depends on the rank you were befor your character became a missing-nin]

  • (This only limits the amount of jutsus you can have when making your character you can then rp on learning more jutsu after)

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Docta Hulkermanz
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Information   Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:04 pm

~Updated by Daedalus~


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Jutsu Information
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