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 Nomisuke - Tippler

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PostSubject: Nomisuke - Tippler    Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:56 am

Name: 飲助 Nomisuke (lit. Drunkard/ Tippler)


(What is the manifestation of your Zanpakutō Spirit? What does your Zanpakutō Spirit look like? I will not accept an image for this, either; I will only accept it written format, in words, in paragraph form and in detail. I want, also, every last inch of your Spirit described, any odd features, and anything else about it. Everything! From their head to their toes. This includes their height and weight, build and skin color, hair color, style and length, eye color, clothing, and anything unique about them. Manifestation should have a minimum of 200 words. In light of recent manga chapters, it should seem that the Spirit appears somewhat differently in Bankai than it does in Shikai, as with Zangetsu's younger appearance; as such, you should describe how yours appears in both.)

Release Command:

In order to release Nomisuke, Nishimoto must put his blade horizontally in front of him holding it in one hand and then slowly tip it downward while uttering the release command simultaneously.

"Pour, Nomisuke..." (lit. Sosogi, Nomisuke... 注ぎ飲助). (("Pour" as in pour another glass. This is related to both Nishimoto's drunkenness as well as Nomisuke's name which means Tippler or Drunkard. This of coarse is a reflection of Nishimoto. ))

When these words are uttered a liquid-like black reatsu with purple seeps down from the tsuba (cross guard) and trickles down the blade completely covering it; at the same time from the opposite side of the cross guard a fire-like black reiatsu with a purple outline flares upward consuming the handle rather quickly and Nishimoto's hand (these "flames" have no ability what so ever and can not burn anything). While the water seeps and fire consumes; the actual cross guard shines brightly with a pale dull purple light and transforms. Nishimoto will slash away at something and the release will finish revealing the Shikai form.

Family: Illusion

Level: Bankai

Sealed Description:

Shikai Description:

(What does your Zanpakutō look like in its Shikai state? The description rules for the sealed description apply here, as well.)

Bankai Release Phrase (Optional)
(Though most Shinigami with Bankai release their Bankai by simply uttering it some have a release phrase and even a short ritual to release it. Also tell us what happens when you release your Bankai, does the sky darken, reaitsu radiate, etc, please go in detail.

Bankai Description:

(What your Zanpakutō look like in its Bankai state? The description rules for the Sealed and Shikai description apply here, as well)

Shikai Ability:

(Describe the ability of your Zanpakutō's Shikai. Be logical, as well as reasonable, when making this. Do not god mod, or make it overpowering. Do not go outside your family, either. Be descriptive. This should be a minimum of 150 words, at least; and no sneaky business, hiding things and trying to get by with more than would normally be allowed by being vague.)

Bankai Ability:

(Describe the ability of your Zanpakutō's Bankai. Again. Be logical, as well as reasonable, when making this. Do not god mod, or make it overpowering. Do not go outside your family, either. Be descriptive. The rules for Shikai apply here, as well.)

Inner World:

(Describe your Spiritual Inner World. What does it look like? Be detailed; I don't want to see any of that "looks like a cavern" crap here. You may not use an image. I will only accept it typed out in words, in paragraph form and in detail. I want also every last inch of your character's inner world described, any odd places, locations, any strange things about it, and anything else about it, everything! This should have a minimum of 100 words, at least.)

Zanpakutō Spirit Persona:

(Here, you insert the personality of your Zanpakutō Spirit. Their habits, emotions felt in certain circumstances. Everyone has a personality, their own little secrets, a bad side, and even a side of themselves not normally shown in front of others; how they act in stressful situations, under pressure, to the pain of loss, to certain types of people, certain races, etc. Type out your Zanpakutō Spirit's personality in paragraph form; I want every last aspect of their personality laid out right here, leave nothing out, and be creative. None of that one line, " He/She/It is brave, and loves to fight. When he/she/it gets mad, he/she/it is ruthless" crap. I know most people can do better, but even so, they don't apply themselves as well as they could have. Please, take no offense; I am not generalizing; but I have seen it enough to become paranoid over it, so please do make it nice and detailed, Okay ^^. Personality should have a minimum of 200 words.)


Name: Name of your effect.
Effect: The effect this technique has, its abilities and such.
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Put usage limits and cool-downs on your techniques, such as, you use the technique so many number of times, and then the cool-down is how long you must wait before using the technique again.


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Nomisuke - Tippler
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