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 Mastering the clan style

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PostSubject: Mastering the clan style   Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:14 pm

“I shall train both body and mind into perfection, using one to strengthen the other rather than self reliance in either. I shall remember to keep my mind as wide as the trigrams while also having my focus as concentrated as a tenketsu. I shall always remember that I am a part of the great force know as Hyuuga and that I am indebted to do all I can to try and repay my debt to my ancestors for the blessing of the all-seeing white eyes.”

“Byakugan!” The veins around the child’s eyes grew outward and his pupils were clearly visible with the bloodline trait activated.

With the chant said Kisu was ready to begin his daily training regimen to try and get a deeper grasp on his family’s infamous gentle fist style. He had worked for years on his individual skills that were needed to master the powerful style. Striking thick logs until his fists worked their way completely through as a means to improve his physical strength. Running for miles on end around the village to increase his endurance to a level far beyond that of a ten year old, even by the enhanced standards found in shinobi society. The young academy student had even taken several days out of his schooling for hyper meditation sessions so that even a mind as scattered and wild as his own would be able to find balance in a higher plane. Only one aspect was left for a basic mastery of the taijutsu style held sacred by his clan. That final detail between him and a new feeling of true respect from his family being his far from steady accuracy with his fingers on each of his strikes.

The young boy had always had trouble with the steadiness of his hands and he had taken all types of precautions and training methods to try and become as steady as a rock. He had started with the most simple of all methods, that beings the simple holding of his arms straight out until he grew enough discipline to stay level but this had failed and in the end all he had gotten was stiff shoulders and arms that remained sore for weeks. He also tried less traditional forms of loosing his shakes like holding them over hot coals so that he either holds them still or he burned the hell out of his limbs. Unfortunately the motivation brought forth from the pain didn’t prove enough and the result was a series of burns all up and down the underside of the young child’s arms.

The method that seemed to at least slightly work was wrapping up his arm in a series of knotted bandages. But as luck would have it this method only had any kind of real result in his right arm, the limb seemed to respond to the extra support in a perfect balance. The wraps folded over the limb just right and now Kisu could almost effortlessly hold the arm for nearly an hour until it began to shake. But as the past had proved, training methods never fully worked on the student but as time had also shown he was to determined and thick headed to give up. So today Kisu came into the empty training hall to try and find a way to hold his left arm steady enough to hit a tenketsu head on with the exact precision demanded by his clan’s technique. So with his determination on the brim of his mind the young trainee raised his arms out to his side and tried to hold them there as long as he could.

After a minute the boy’s right arm was still motionless but its opposite had already been shaking violently. The limb seemed out of control and was completely unwilling to obey any type of command that Kisu attempted to signal to it. Frustrated the young ninja took his right arm and without thinking took two fingers on his right hand and jabbed his upper left arm. A sense of shock passed over the young boy as he lifted his left sleeve and revealed several red pin pricks where his attacks had landed. “Oh crap I sealed my own tenketsu, now what am I going to ---“ He hadn’t realized it until now but ever since his self inflicted assault his left arm had been completely still, he tried to move it and it functioned completely normal. “No way.”

Kisu decided that he may as well try it out and see if he would be able to complete the test and hit all the small points marked beneath a layer of padding on a special training dummy. So he assumed the gentle fist stance and began his assault of finger jabs.

After he had finished seconds later the dummy had many small pin point holes in the outer layer and the small sacks of sand contained within to be used as markers for tenketsu were spilling out.

“AWESOME I FINALLY DID IT!” Kisu was so excited that he continued to practice like this for hours. Unfortunately the academy student had not paid attention to the time and had failed to realize that he was late for class at the academy. “Oh crap Lady Taksuki is gonna kill me for sure this time.” The young Hyuuga deactivated his eyes and quickly rushed out the door to his class, trying to think of an excuse for his tardiness along the way.

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Mastering the clan style
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