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 Exams Training

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PostSubject: Exams Training   Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:09 am

The Chuunin Exams were soon coming up, and Kiyoto had a lot of work to do. Waking up early, 8am to be exact, Kiyoto went down to the training grounds. In his hand was a book which he had checked out of the library. This book was full of Ninjutsu, and at the back of the book were some blank pages that Kiyoto used to make custom jutsu. " Okay, the Chuunin Exams are coming soon and I'd done no training at all. Time to get ready. I'll start with some elemental jutsu," Finding a good, easy jutsu for his element, Kiyoto began his training.
Before trying out the Ninjutsu, Kiyoto tried to get better focused with his chakra and Fuuton element. Sitting down, Kiyoto began focusing his chakra. Not to a certain source but around his whole body, distributing it evenly around himself. For a while, nothing happened. He just sat there, motionless and seemingly dead. Chakra control wasn't his best attribute, but he wasn't about to let that stop him. He wasn't going to work hard at everything he did, and not give up. After a while longer, a seemingly blue force field began to emit from his body. The force field began getting more clearer and darker as well, and the wind also began to pick up. The wind speed got wilder and wilder, and barks off trees began to come off. Kiyoto sat there, still motionless, like nothing was going on. Soon later, he opened his eyes and the wind stopped. " Okay," he said, panting slightly, " I think I'm ready."
Finally getting up after the mayhem that recently occurred, Kiyoto positioned himself in front of a tree. Forming a string of hand seals and clapping his hands together, Kiyoto attempted the Ninjutsu. If done right, a strong gust of wind should have been sent toward the tree, knocking the leaves off and maybe a couple of branches. When Kiyoto did though, not even the tiniest bit of wind was summoned. Taking a deep breathe, he tried again. Kiyoto formed the same hand seals from before and tried again. As before, he had no luck. " I can't get mad," Kiyoto said. " Just gotta keep trying. I'm becoming a Chuunin," he encouraged himself. Forming the hand seals again, Kiyoto once again clapped his hands together. Even though it didn't seem like anything happened, Kiyoto wore that he felt a little, tiny gust a wind come from his hands. Not really much to be excited about, but apparently Kiyoto didn't care. " Haha YES! I'm almost getting it!"
All hype up and with a big smile on his face, Kiyoto formed some more strings of hand seals, the same as before of course. This time slamming his hands together, the same small gust of wind came from his hands. This was his result for a while, about the next five times he tried. His hands were starting to turn red, but the swore and he was getting closer to completing this technique. Trying once again, slamming his hands together, Kiyoto felt another gust of wind come from his hands. To some in front of him, this would have felt like Kiyoto fanning them with his hands. To Kiyoto, it was the Ninjutsu he was learning. With a big smile on his face, he tried again. After about six or seven tries with him just fanning the grassing(since the breeze didn't even make it to the tree), a bigger gust of wind began to form. This was exactly what it was as well, a gust. More like a little breeze but still, Kiyoto was getting very, very close to finishing up. Kiyoto was getting a little tried though, so he took a small break. While sitting, Kiyoto tried to reginerate his chakra, since this training was kind of taking a lot out of him. Putting his hands together, Kiyoto focused the little chakra he had and began regaining some of it back. Since he was just a Genin, it took a while for him to do it. After four or five minutes, Kiyoto was pretty much completely 'charged' and was ready to began training again.
Feeling pretty pumped and excited, Kiyoto quickly formed the handseals and clapped his hands together. Soon enough the same gust of wind that had been forming before came back. This time, though, it was a little stronger. This time it felt like a slight gust of wind. The gust Kiyoto summoned was gently shaking the branches on the trees back and forth a little bit. The power of the technique wasn't at it's full level. Not just yet that is. Soon though, Kiyoto was going to have it.
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Exams Training
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