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 Kirigakure no Kōriryū Kōtei vs Kumogakure no Shōfu Kiretsu

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PostSubject: Kirigakure no Kōriryū Kōtei vs Kumogakure no Shōfu Kiretsu   Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:05 pm

The Mizukage walked on to the plain of Ice that was Yukigakure before the Nation returned to what it was called before "The Land of Spring" he preferred it as a barren ice wasteland then a meadow of flowers that have no purpose being there in the first place. That plain of ice was really a large chunk of ice that was large enough to have been an island and with a large mountain like structure made purely of ice and snow. The ice berg was maybe 3 miles long and uneven with bits and pieces falling off as it moved through the frigid, ice cold water which had claimed more then one life in its existence. This location made the Mizukage feel at home and since he was exiled here in the past when he was much younger he knew what to expect of ice masses such as the one he stood on. The reason for him being on the ice berg was different from before because he was no longer there as an exiled Jinchuriki who used the island in order to master his demon that was sealed with in him. The demon was the great Sanbi no Kyodaigame which was the Third Tailed beast and one of the most lazy ones as well, he was half blind and when he was not sealed he only came up from his lake once every 50 years. But now the creature rested with in the vast expanse of water and ice with stone pillars and countless mirror shards of ice standing like a great obelisk, watching the demon's every move and controlling its madness with in the soul of the 3rd Mizukage. The Mizukage Aisu Hyouzin, a cyromancer and Jinchuriki, was Kyodaigame's master and one of the few Jinchuriki known to have full control over his tailed beast.

The Reason he was there today was for combat against an opponent from Kumogakure who he doubted would feel less at home in this frigid spec of mass on the world's face like the Mizukage did. After all the wise, old, Tyrant of the Land of Water was the strongest being of his land due to his Jinchuriki, his vast knowledge on Ninjutsu, his battle savvy, and his understanding and debilitating power in Politics. Not too long ago he marched into the Damiyo's castle and slayed him along with the rest of his family in a bloody danse de macabre. He left not a single heir of his family survive and made sure that no one in his entire family linage could ever make the claim to the Damiyo's position by blood, the position Aisu had acquired. He was truly the most powerful being in the Land of Water and because of that he wanted more power. He wanted to take over the entire world and truly become the Great Ice Dragon Emperor in a world below Zero. He had recently bought weapons from Soragakure and Yukigakure, he bought air ships and war ships and now commanded a Naval Force and a Sky Force. He made it so that no one was above his rule for he was the king of the sky, sea, and soon the world.

He had reached Yukigakure using one of his war ships and was just testing it out to see how it worked; he had workers feeding the ships engine using coal but new technology was starting to pop up everywhere and soon enough he would have a more reliable source of energy to feed his large metal, mechanical monstrosities which would bring the world to its knees and start the next Generation of Great Shinobi wars which he intended to win. He walked the plain of ice nearing the mountain while taking a puff from his pipe. He was wearing the traditional Mizukage cloak along with the large hat with draped shades to hide the back and sides of his head while leaving the face slightly exposed. The Mizukage who was 42 had snow white hair and tired light blue eyes that appeared almost white, he had a long scare over his right eye, and had pale white skin; he wore a Chinese style military helm with three prongs at the crown of his skull, the helm was made from a light weight steal variant and was laced with the blue reptilian skin of an ice dragon providing him with insulation, higher resistance to fire, greater control over ice, and a chakra cloaking ability which made sensing the Mizukage's all but impossible. Below his robe he had similar armor on his torso, forearm guards, and greeves & boots. He wore traditional Chinese style black pants with an image of a white eastern dragon running up the legs, he wore a black obi to represent his skill in his Martial Arts which were Shotokan Karate and Dragon Style Fighting which was at one point in time a Kung Fu style but then evolved into its own discipline. Below his arm guards he wore black skin tight arm warmers but they didn't fully hide his pale almost blue skin which appeared like a blue crystallized ice; on his upper arms he wore bands each with an eastern dragon head made from the same light weight steal variant as his helm. He walked with a white chokuto like blade using it as a cane. He stood silently with his back faced to the mountain, eyes looking at the large expanse of ice before him and onto the sea beyond the plains waiting for his opponent. He inhaled and exhaled another large puff of smoke from his pipe.

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Kirigakure no Kōriryū Kōtei vs Kumogakure no Shōfu Kiretsu
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