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 Evening the Toughest Odds

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PostSubject: Evening the Toughest Odds   Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:08 am

Sessou sat on an open field, his eyes closed. The Jounin seemed to be in a deep state of meditation. Inside Sessou's mind he vividly created a field where he was fighting a strange shadowy figure of an opponent. Sessou was reviewing the fundamentals of fighting in his head and he thought of ways to weaken his opponent to give him and his allies an egde in battle. Sessou continued the fight and suddenly he awoke and looked around himself.

"Thats it...Sight and Hearing. They are senses that probably aid the most in how would an opponent fight if they lacked these. Better yet if they lacked all fight senses...Sight, Hearing, Touch, Tatse and Smell. If I can find away to control these then I might be able to use them against an opponent. Interestingly enough genjutsu the manipluation of an opponents sense. So I will be using genjutsu I suppose to attack these senses...However instead of being traditional and making the opponent believe something is there, Ill be creative and destroy the sense altogether", he thought aloud as he stood up.

Like training most of his other jutsu, this wasnt going to be something he could train on his own. He needed something to practice the jutsu on. Since he didnt have any test subjects currently he decided he would just use te Kage Bushin no Jutsu and create a shadow clone to practice on. Sessou then made the seal and created one shadow clone. He didnt put too much chakra into it, so he would be able to train other jutsu as well, however he gave the clone enough chakra for it to be able to function and sustain itself. The newly spawned clone knew its purpose of creation and from there on, it was now time to work on this genjutsu.
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Evening the Toughest Odds
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