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 Sharping the blade (Roy's traing)

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PostSubject: Sharping the blade (Roy's traing)   Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:22 am

Name:Suzakuryu: Seishuku (Vermilion Bird Sword Style: Star)
Rank:B rank
duration:3 post befor it can be used again
Description:One of the 7 Mansions of the Vermilion Bird. One of the deadliest and fastest attacks out of all Roy's Kenjutsu Styles. The user starts by charging towards the target at high speed, some even use Shunpo to make the attack faster, there is a flash and the user stops behind the target, who is left behind with a cross shape wound with another vertical wound over the cross. What actually happens is that the user performs three slashes at high speeds on the targets chest. These slashes are so fast that few genin are capable of reacting to them and some to even see them.
Mastery:Have you mastered this jutsu? no if approved I'm going to start trainning for it
Post Duration: 3
Extra CP Cost Per Post Active: 25
Preparation Post: no

This first post is for this jutsus

Foot steps of saddles bounce off the ground sounding like claps hitting angst the dojo's floor. His stride was long. His steps were slow and graceful. His shadow drugged be hide him as it stalked him. The dojo floor had just been waxed and the light relaxed brightly with in the floor. The dojo climate was nice and cool mostly because Samurai’s came to train in there. The time was very early leaving Roy the only one in there. An old wise man once told Roy the early bird gets the worm. Roy being only 18 and still young to the world thought the old man was just reciting old sayings that they never grew tired of. Kokuryuu on the other had advised Roy to think other wise; there was a reason why the old man told him that. Roy took it as he didn’t have to wait or be cowered by large amounts of people if he came early.

Roy hazel skin’s was protected by the sleeves of a long black shirt from the cold climate in the dojo. Black hair that falls to his shoulders in dreads hung loose on his shoulders and back. His uniform consists of a long black shirt; he wasn’t wearing his sleeveless white jacket but he did have black plants tucked into dark brown boots. On his hip was one of the finest swords made.

Roy walked out to the middle of the dojo. He sat down cwith his legs wraped to gather. Helace his whole sword in his lap. Roy the cloesed his eyes. He began to medatie and regulate the chakara with in him. Entering a sleep like state. His body began to lift of the ground as his yin and yang became one opening his mind to spirit portal between him and his jagan. The jagan on his sword shined brightly. As the Roy enetered his inner world.

As he mediated Roy entered his inner world. It was full of large fuirt full palm trees. The air blew with a refeashing mist of golden dust. The ground was made up of sivler grass. The soon a appered a large black dragon. Kokuryuu the dragon sealed in his Jagan. The dragon wrapped around Roy. The dragon soon appered underneath Roy and lifted him up into the air.

"So you came for my knowelge huh Roy" Kokuryuu spoke with a great and husky voice. Smoke blew from his nastrol filling the air. "Yes great Kokuryuu teach me so that I can grew." Roy answered with such a soft clam humble tone.

Kokuryuu's smoke soon surrouned Roy and flew up his nastrols as he breathed. Roy felt a sudden rush of knowgele and wisdom enter him. One that could never compares to Kokuryuu.

Roy couldn't help but think of a simpler time when was an young rank the sammurai. Times where the genral sent him and his Mast to Kohona the leaf village.

Roy's memory

Roy bit down of his cigar, finding it highly annoying that his companions should insult him to such a degree. He was growing very tired of such comments as he was only doing good in delivering on souls to the afterlife, but everybody seemed to have a problem with his attitude about it. This was immensely annoying and he came to the decision that he would deal with it no further than this point.

He turned to Amaia as his eye marks trickled out and began to flare out, his annoyance being evident on his face, even his vice of smoking could not contain them at the present time. "You do things your way dear, I do things my way. Besides, I don't talk what I can't do."

"As for you Master," Roy turned, marks still highly evident since he felt no need to hide his rage from Z, who would infer it anyhow. They'd been together long enough to tell that much. ", I have given my respects to the dead by delivering his soul to the afterlife and saying his last rights when I extracted his skull. I have no further need to respond to his death, and if I did I would be dancing for joy, not mourning. That body needs to be disposed of, it has no value without a soul in it."

"Oh, and I didn't forget about you my Konoha friend..." Roy said, marks raging out like a candle flame as he turned his eyes to meet the Aburames. "You're a Konoha half-wit, and I hate you down to the very atoms that compose your body. I only deal with you now because Z won't let me tear you apart with my bare hands and add another skull to my belt. I don't trust you, you have yet to show anything deserving of it and far as I know you're just planning to run back and inform the Hokage about our activities. That won't do. I'm not allowed to kill you, but I am allowed to take out a new insurance policy when the old one is done, and you're surrounded by Akatsuki."

Roy reached onto the deck of the boat, snapping off a length of chain only half a foot long with his hands, which even for Roy was feat impossible to perform were he not enraged enough to pacify his chakra, which enabled him to snap it in the first place. He reached over and placed the chain around the Genin's neck like a necklace, a gift of some sort, which he hoped was interpreted as he intended. He had no desire to kill the Genin, just his annoying master. Well, not right now at least. "If you want my trust then you'll have to remove the taint of the Leaf from your body completely. For now, that is impossible, and you are to pierce this link yourselves since i'm in no mood to do it for you. As for the information I inquired about, I want to know about the man, not the clan, I know everything there is to know about Konoha clans. But you know nothing about me, it's part of the reason I hate Konoha so very very much, especially overpopulated and overrated clans such as Uchiha, Hyuuga, Senju, Aburame, Yamanaka, Nara, Akimichi, and the whole host of clans you can name."

Roy's marks receded as he thought about Ryne becoming an ANBU, maybe he'd be worth his time after all these years. He always hoped he'd grow up and make something of himself, but he was still a virgin of death and pain. He awaited seeing him again, so that he could finish the job he started so many years ago. He had to die, that's all there was to it, so that when Roy himself died, he would have company in paradise. To die before that goal was completed will be undesirable, so he strove to make it happen as soon as possible. Twisted loyalty of sorts. "I know all about Ryne, I know his abilities, I know his family, I know where he lives, I know everything there is to know about for my former rival. That was simply a test question, to ensure you were speaking the truth."

Word count: 1,374

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PostSubject: Re: Sharping the blade (Roy's traing)   Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:52 am

“Roy dear boy remember” Kokuryuu said with his husky voice. Roy answered him “Remember what” “Why you fight” Kokuryuu answered. “what do you mean “Roy asked. “I will show you” Kokuryuu answered

Kokuryuu’s smoke clouded Roy’s mind sinking deep inside him. It altered his memories. Kokuryuu made a fake memory which he implanted inside Roy’s head. He confused words trying to confuse Roy. To see if his will power was strong enough to over come the illusion. He made Roy believe he was a hole another person not only that but a ninja. But yet something in Roy was fighting it making him say the word Samurai instead of ninja. He knew in his heart this memory was un true.

Rotten things, foul things, touched the cable and beheld it, and if the single cable arising aside Roy had a face, it would surely have smiled, however being the stoic inorganic material it was, no such happiness was awarded. Betwixt about the cable now was purple thread, and surging even stronger alight the cable were tendrils of electricity, spread like palms across the plain, until the varying thread of the cable burst open, growing, redoubling, and taking form. Smoke arose in lofty pumes around the form, until soft, silky icy hair pushed forth, draping long past the face that now appears, innocent eyes peering into the remainder of the town that was declared their battlefield. A band of blood and death circled him head as his long locks brushed past the nape of him neck, innocent irises staring towards the encircling cables that lanced into a deadly piercing rush.

It was apparent that these cables were coming from a raven source, a samurai much like Roy himself, however older. There was a long story behind this battle, however everything about it rang that it was a personal confrontation, you see, this was the very samurai that had claimed the life of Roy's father, and he had been dedicated to revenge when he had discovered that he remained alive. Spinning to the left into a pitch in order to avoid another cable inverting into a deadly lunge, however the sharp inorganic material cut along him right arm, spraying blood upon the terra around him persona. He drew breath heavily as he quickly gathered senbon within him left hand and lunged upwards, executing a frontal flip that allowed him avoidance. Landing on the cable, He lashed out along its expanse running along it as he lashed outwards with three senbon. The senbon were easily deflected as he lunged upwards. Two cables now asserted themselves before him as he swiftly slid Retsu-Yatsumi from its scabbard and into a fever-pitched downwards slash.

"You were the one! You slayed my father and now you shall pay for it!"

"You shall be the one who dies for challenging me, little one." The shinobi retorted, without emotion within his voice. He had not notice him slashing at one of his cables, and he also had not taken notice to the likeness between Roy and his own young daughter. The shinobi gave no part for contemplation to Roy, and his right arm pushed itself back, the muscles pumping and gathering force as his muscles pushed that fist forwards towards Roy as he cut through one of the wires and managed to avoid the other. The fist, as it sped upon its path, slammed with force into the young woman's sternum and pressed him onto the ground, sliding several feet away from him as the cables snapped back into his backside, smirking as he brandished a kunai. He walked towards the young boy, ready to continue the fight as he found himself quickly lunging back up to him feet, his eyes staring to the shinobi.
The beat of him heart pounded him insides, making it aware he was a bit nervous, but of course no one else could see this, as him face was remaining innocent, His kendogi slightly ripped where the fist had made a heavy impact with him, the hair falling down the nape of him neck and sprawling down him back. The eyes of the shinobii known as Roy swept through the area quickly, the soft blue reflecting off a lot of the shine in the area. Though the other one who he was opposing may think Roy was just a weakling in their fight that was most certainly not the case. It may have been obvious through him display of skill that the young woman was anything but helpless, and though he had been struck down, Roy found himself upon him feet once more

"The name is Atreyu. I believe you deserve to learn my name before you die, at least." the shinobi said in a young tone, and quickly formed a blurr of hand-signs, while speaking a phrase that Roy could not much understand, however darkness seemed to be welling around Roy at a constant, until the world around him began to warp and shift. He knew sheer he was, the Crimson Sunset Brothel. Roy instantly fell to him knees, hugging him knees and cradling him head, nightmares coming back. Roy floated in the nightmares for what seemed like an eternity, however light suddenly filled around him as he remembered something - there were people who loved him, Katoshi valued him as a friend and companion, and was him friend after all. Not much after he had been affected by the genjutsu, Roy stood up, breaking the genjutsu with the words of 'Kai!' then stepped forwards, a smile managing to cross him countenance.

"That will not affect me anymore!"

With the sight of the one titled Atreyu directed at him, Roy’s eyes widened as him teeth clenched to one another, a small vein on the left side of him temple popped right from his skin. On the angle he was at he could see that of the man, and since he was on an angle he had a perfect opportunity. He stepped forth just as the Atreyu character did, Roy s boots dragging their heels along the ground, making tracks in the dirt, but right as he knew the man was picking up speed to attack him, all hell broke loose. As his arm jerked back and up towards Roy, He quickly snatched a few more senbon, quickly counting five before letting them fly towards Atreyu with vicious intent, two towards each shoulder and one of the senbons to his right knee with agile flight. It would hit the man within a one or one and a half second delay after his hand was fully extended, And Roy would quickly snap Retsu-Yatsumi, which would be directed for his main torso area, and with such power it was enough to knock the man back a good few feet while causing a light scrape across the torso.
I shall surpass my limitations!'

'You are weak without me, boy...A fragile delicacy of the Sammurai.'

'No..No, I don't need you!'

'You say that now....however what happens when you're beaten?'

'I will become stronger!'

'You will never become strong, you will never survive...without my aid.'

Him hands rasped as he fell upon him bottom, him hair's strands being slightly cut by inorganic essence which writhed about him as if a snake, jutting viciously for a single attack, one that would be lethal enough to be fatal. Trodden upon the terra, him digits soon caressed the tresses of ice-blue hues, before enveloping him lean knees, him head dipping below the slight cover of the jutting rock behind him with enough time to spare in incoming incision of the wiry substance, him mind caressed by him worse nightmares, the inner voice of the demonic essence within him laudable if nothing else and sending him through a midsummer night's stroll down a memory lane that he had abject fear of, memories that paralyzed him at the slightest whisper of a name or thought, inciting such fear, however something 'shone' as if a beacon for him frame to grasp, something that could perhaps tow him from the line between sanity and insanity, to save him from being lost to inane madness.

'You are wrong about me....'

'How is that? I am never wrong...about anything.'

'My father loved me very much, more than enough to die for me, and I have to live for that sacrifice.'

A revelation coursed him mind as the nightmares faded from him, oozing away as if some sort of liquid solvent, and Roy was forced to make another realization just as he quickly found himself coming back up to him feet, however quickly returned to him cover as the organic substance of the wire nearly removed him head from him shoulders where it stood. Roy realized that he did not wish Vengeance nor did he anger at the shinobi fighting him, Atreyu, for his slaying of her father, he only wished him peace and had noticed that had he come to this realization sooner, that this entire conflict could have been averted. There was no way to disengage this fight now, as Atreyu had a killer intent radiating from him, and him own curiosity about the very extent of him skills and how limited he indeed was pressed him forwards once more into action.

"I just realized that I don't hate your guts."

"Why not? I am the one who killed your father in cold blood."

"You were just doing a job, and now it's my turn to do mine."

Roy abruptly pushed away from him current position, dashing outwards towards Atreyu just as he spent a few moments to cast several more inorganic cables towards him locale, him right hand withdrawing Retsu-Yatsumi as him legs propelled him forwards in a resounding ringing of metal, hr digits drawing the blade and lashing it downwards and to the immediate left of him, splitting the blade easily into an inorganic cable and lopping it in half before executing a flip and landing firmly on another cable. he was nearly out of breath, however he pushed everything he was into shattering him limiters into the massive heave of a slash, back flipping into a crescent that managed to cut through half of the cable he had brought around to defend himself and slightly into the chest of Atreyu himself. clearly worn out and lacking breath, he stood and regained him stamina from the attack before lunging to the left, avoiding an impaling strike towards him.

Roy's endurance was being worked tirelessly as he continued to run circles around Atreyu, avoiding his cables as he had sent a mass of them all out at once. This tactic was currently preventing him to get close to Atreyu, and thus him agility was tested as he lunged over and strafed, performing parried upon cable after cable that tried without respite to draw blood from him. He found only a moment of breath behind a large rock, however it was quickly shattered moments later and once more Roy was forced to exert himself in order to stay alive. Roy knew that he had to become stronger, that he must become stronger so that he could protect the innocent, those like himself, and continued pushing himself for another two hours before he finally gave out and fell behind a large boulder. Atreyu was kind in the respect of that he gave him thirty minutes to recover before resuming the fight. Roy was currently fighting to not lose and would have to pull of something spectacular to win this fight, he understood as much.

The deep, stark black darkness receded into Roy's small room. The only source of light was a small, rectangular window which was etched into the frame of the wooden door. He attempted to sleep, and yet he could not force slumber to come to him that night. Hearing a shuffling from within the hallway, he instantly sat up and was startled when the only door leading to him small cupola opened with a loud groan. the old woman that was him mistress entered the room first, preceding two others. The first was a shinobi, obviously from Kirigakure, while the second was a young man, also from Kirigakure. Roy was able to discern that the shinobi was the younger man's guard. "He will be yours. He is the finest money could buy, a snow-white delicacy of the Sammurai." replied the wench in a raspy tone.

"Then I shall enjoy this lay, and you shall be well-payed." replied the young man in a smoothed tone that flowed as if water. The matron was quickly annoyed as another whispered in him ear. he bade the princely youth and then set off form the room, closing the door behind as soon as the shinobi also took his leave. The youth's intent then tuned to murderous lust as he turned to the young Roy. He merely offered a pleasant smile and began to slowly remove him clothing. Grabbing the tattered ends, the youth stripped him in primal ferocity and grabbed him by the nape, bringing him warmth close to him. "You obey me." he mouthed. Grasping him at the nape, he forcefully shoved the young boy away, however was interrupted when suddenly the door bust aside. Before he could arise, the youth was dead. Shivering and naked, Roy stood in the midst of the small cupola, and was hugged by the intruder, a shinobi, and someone who seemed familiar. He started to cry as the man draped him within simple blue robes and spoke only a single line that brought more tears. "I'm your father, and I'm getting you out of him."

The two rushed quickly through the building, the stronger, older man settling Roy on his mount and letting him go towards Otogakure, while he himself settled upon another mount. The last image he saw was of his daughter, fleeing to a better future, before a pair of shuriken found their mark upon him. Roy had turned back to see him father's death, him pupils dilating, him mind gone to the madness and chaos that had been set ablaze within him soul. He blacked out before long, the dreams consuming him.

Roy instantly lunged atop the boulder, forming a strong of hand-seals as fast as him fingers would let him while shouting "Kirigakure no Jutsu." soon, deep, dark mist began to settle in and Roy glanced about the mist. Atreyu would be unabl to see completely, and he use this to him advantage, slinging off several senbon before jumping into a large tree and lunging downwards into a slash. By the time the mist had evenly distributed, the senbon lay embedded within the terra around him, him sword slicing through empty matter as one wire swept into him sternum, knocking him onto him back and sliding away from Atreyu with force. He coughed up blood, him left eye sealed as him vision grew hazy, then he fell into a state of dreams soon after. For some reason, Atreyu merely walked away from the Samurai.

Roy had been disappointed with himself at him lack of strength when he had finally risen from the coma he had been placed within, a few days from the fight that had occurred and had been in the hospital for the rest of that week. he somehow felt stronger, and had instantly returned to him training regimen the moment that the nurse wasn't looking him way. slipping through a small window, he walked into a small dirt circle and instantly began to call upon the blue chakra around him, the esthetic essence of blue matter began to form around him in an aura as he practiced him chakra control, finding something weird about him amount of chakra, then quickly after roughly an hour of training him chakra control, finished the night with agility and strength training. Roy just had to become stronger! Otherwise, he would never become strong enough to be of any true use to Sound Village, and he wouldn't be able to live out him father's words. When he thought of him fathers, tears strained down him cheeks.
"Oah my god, what are you doing outside young man?"

The Medic Nin complained once he found Roy training in the forest outside of the hospital. he had a concerned look on him face, and Roy knew that the medic was only concerned for Roy's own well-being, however Roy knew that he was weak and that he had to become stronger, that was the only thing in him mind at the moment. He let out a slight chuckle as he snapped up to him knees with fluidity, then spoke to the medic-nin, before being the wrapped about at the back of him head. Roy turned around to the kunoichi, rubbing the back of her head.

"I'm fine, I need to become stronger."

"You need to think about your health first!"

"My health is fine..."

"Fine, I obviously can't tell you anything!"

With a sigh, the medic nin returned to the hospital, leaving Roy where he was. The young ninja quickly scurried up into a large tree, moving with nimble grace, and looped him legs around a low-hanging branch before hanging momentarily, taking a few moments to think about the past week and what had happened to him in total, before quickly pulling up and down, working him leg muscles in order to tune up him speed, working all through the darkness as he quickly exercised repeatedly. Roy continued this motion until he was nearly entirely out of breath, at which point he dropped, twirling before landing on him feet and jumping backwards.

He moved on in him new training regimen, quickly lashing out at a makeshift dummy in front of him, moving him arms as fast as they were, willing them into solid punches and jabs, then spun into an uppercut and descending into a kick before maneuvering into another set of heavy jabs and punches, working him arm muscles until they were about to the point of when they would wear out entirely, then he took a few moments of break, sitting down on the mottled grass and taking a sip of the water skin. He was determined to continue him training, however, and stepped back up to the training dummies.

This time, he approached a different dummy, one with many limbs, set in the fashion of Chinese practice dummies to practice one's handwork and skill, to extend their handwork and reflexes to the point where they would b able to bring out a punch and know exactly where to hit in that moment. He began slow and clumsy at first, working him way around the multitude of arms within the dummy, however as he worked until the waking hour of the morning, he got faster, wearing away at the arms as he broke into a flurry of strikes at the end. He had finished that part of him training regimen and now collapsed in exhaustion, gulping down the last of him water reserves.
Insanity was truly a frivolous thing. There was one more thing to do before the respite of sleep would catch up to him and claim him, and now was the time to accomplish it. The woman only known as Roy rose up, him eyes scanning around, until they fell upon the potential target for that one aspect...that one thing that just beckoned to him, as him eyes wrapped around its very form. Lithe in construction, the pole jutted from the ground as the object' momentum domed about. Several poles of various widths formed synapses around the crude wooden object, wreathing it entirely. Him leg muscles pushed back, gathering energy and pushing forth, propelling him at extended speeds, greater than that of what he should have been able to do at the age of twelve, towards the object. To the average eye it would appear that his body had a blurry outline as him feet pressed upon the terra, propelling him towards the wooden pole, him body entering within range to the object. Him right arm suddenly jutted outwards to him side and retrieved Retsu-Yatsumi into a clean swipe that arced outwards and to him left side while him body maneuvered onwards.

Insanity is truth.

Him sanity was teetering, the voice within him mind grew louder and louder, until he nearly cuffed him ears, however he had a job to do. At point blank range, him feet hooked forth, ready to latch upon him as the paper-thin blade carried itself without of the user, proceeded into a fin line that, with the momentum of the blurring dash behind it, sought to lop the wooden construct cleanly. As if that was not enough, senbon were soon employed by Roy. Him left hand hooked around into the leather pouch at him side and quickly snapped back with senbon firmly in grasp, and letting fly as the figure of Roy quickly hopped from the wooden construct, the slash mark etched within the side of the construct. The few senbon clashed along the face of the construct and dug inwards, lancing into the wooden core as the figure of Roy landed haphazardly. He managed a smile as him body twist about and waltzed back to the totem construct. The boy quickly wrapped his digits about the senbon, plucked them from the wooden construct, and slid them into the pouch. fingers. A woven cotton with what felt like silk underneath it. Roy could feel this fabric resting over his entire body. He began to reach over to his right. Roy's hands found a small desk next to him, a small circular cylinder resting upon it. Next this was a large item that felt like a high bowl. Roy flipped the switch on the lamp; he felt a small bit of heat start to come off of the area. Letting him know his had turned it on. Roy fell back on to the bed. He sighed and felt his hands. They were shaking again, as they always did after that dream. It was one that he always had, when he first went blind during training. His father never trained him after that day. he just saw it as a waste of time. "How can a kid who is blind ever learn anything" he said. Roy had accepted that for some time as his grades slipped in the academy. But somehow he got back on life. Roy heard someone enter the room as he laid there. The door opened with a small creak and footsteps came to the edge of his bed. ‘Roy, are you alright? What is wrong?" Roy simply shook his head in response. Nothing was wrong. He had that problem all the time now. That same dream over and over again. “No, I'm fine mom"....
Roy sat up, aching, his throat throbbing, everything was hurting. His heart pumping the life enriching blood coursed through his body like sand paper. His head screamed as if birds were peeking at it. Practicing for hours upon hours, day after day, Roy was bone tired, chakra was completely drained from him, but it wasn’t all bad, one day he would know that all this training would pay off, his speed, strength would increase, stamina and endurance that were now being pushed to the limit would not even be strained. No, today everything was coming near its breaking point, the polished and respected ninja of old had died, all that was left was a broken man who could barely rise himself to his feet. Body mind and soul were exhausted from this brutal training, Roy had never been this shape in his life, passing out almost once an hour, legs not able to stand, arms trembling so bad he looked as if they would fly off in a moment. Eyes barely open, light screaming at him, the very air seemed to weight hundreds of pounds.
Roy struggled to his feet, rising himself, he started to walk, then almost jog. It was going for one more lap, just one more time around the forest, it could kill him if he missed his footing, or passed out in a river bank, but the prize of knowing, that if he made it was well worth it. Today he did five more laps than yesterday, and 8 more than the previous day. Soon, with enough practice and stamina, he could truly be considered that ninja who pushed himself.
So Roy shuffled along, his eyes barely visible, remembering that nine year old kid, who has his life changed, he almost smiled, as he moved. Now look at him, pushing himself to the limit and beyond, all for the sake of personal gain, knowing his is better than before, and knowing he actually made a difference once upon a time. Now, the selfish ninja, ran, but not for himself oddly, but for a nine year old kid somewhere, who is just learning just what it means to be a ninja.

Roy was confused. He never had lived this but why will kokuryuu show him this. Was he trying to drive him insane. Roy was a samurai not a ninja why would he use ninja like attacks. “I don’t mean to offend you great dragon but this is wrong.” Roy said in a humble tone. “indeed it is I made it up to see test your will power Roy, you have passed now I reward be hold you have obtain new power from my knowelged” Kokuryuu said.

Roy's body once again droped to the ground as he opened his eyes. His medateion was complete. Roy soon left the dojo

Word count : 4,278

Traing for

Name:Suzakuryu: Seishuku (Vermilion Bird Sword Style: Star)
Rank:B rank
duration:3 post befor it can be used again
Description:One of the 7 Mansions of the Vermilion Bird. One of the deadliest and fastest attacks out of all Roy's Kenjutsu Styles. The user starts by charging towards the target at high speed, there is a flash and the user stops behind the target, who is left behind with a cross shape wound with another vertical wound over the cross. What actually happens is that the user performs three slashes at high speeds on the targets chest. These slashes are so fast that few genin are capable of reacting to them and some to even see them.
Mastery:Have you mastered this jutsu? no if approved I'm going to start trainning for it
Post Duration: 3
Extra CP Cost Per Post Active: 15
Preparation Post: no

Name: Seiryuu-ryu: Suboshi (Azure Dragon Sword Style: Horn)
Rank: C/B-Rank
Range: Mid to Long
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: One of the Seven Mansions of the Azure Dragon. The users most release some Chakra from their blade makeing it shine and look like a flame around the blade. After this the user will pull the blade back and make a stabbing motion towards the target, a spike like a horn will form from the blade and shoot at the target with strength equal to the thrust that shot the horn. These horns/spikes are made of concentrated chakra and are hard as steel. If the user has two weapons this technique is called Tsunobai or Double Horn. Horn size is about the size of an basket ball but like horn shape
Duration post:4 post cool down

Name: Seiryuu-ryu: Miboshi (Azure Dragon Sword Style: Winnowing Basket)
Rank: B-rank
Range: Close to Mid
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: One of the Seven Mansions of the Azure Dragon. The users most release some Chakra from their blade making them shine and look like a flame around the blade. After this the user will form a circle in the air in front of him and then place the weapon in a horizontal position in front of him or the tip of the sword in the middle of the circle, the circle will form a big Winnowing Basket made out of Chakra that is used for defense, it is hard and tough as steel. This technique also allows the user to use execute Suboshi (Horn) while using the same Chakra used for Miboshi, the user just needs to place the tip of the blade on the chakra and perform the same stabbing motion that is required in Tsuno.
cool down post: 3 post

Name: Seiryuu-ryu: Ashitareboshi (Azure Dragon Sword Style: Tail)
Rank: C-rank
Range: Mid to Long
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: One of the 7 Mansions of the Azure Dragon. The users most release some Chakra from their blade making them shine and look like a flame around the blade. After this the user will slash the air in a crescent shape movement leaving Chakra where the blade passes by, then once the crescent blade is complete it will shoot towards the target, they are hard and tough as steel and as sharp as the sword. If the user has two weapons this technique is called Ashitareboshibai or Double Tail.
Cool down two post
two swords cost: 25
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Sharping the blade (Roy's traing)
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