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Docta Hulkermanz
Missing Ninja
Missing Ninja

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PostSubject: SHIKATARU NARA MUST DIE!   Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:42 pm

Hello there Boys and Girls! Its time to play a game with Good 'Ol Shika and his Minions and Pets! Bwahaha! Yes, yes as the title stats I must die. Why? Simple because in the realm I'm about to put you in a world where I am King! I have won the Final Great Shinobi Nations and conquered every nation! That's right me! Now you are the last bit of "Resistance" against me and you and whoever else joins your side must defeat me or lose the world forever!

You have somehow made it past my Black Sea Coast and have managed to reach what everyone shall call the "Bloody Palace". Oh there will be blood! Lots of it! Very Happy You must fight up the levels and face my Minions which range from my army of Rouge Shinobi and Punk Ass resident Merks to My Screwed Up Lab Experiment Pets to my Elite Black Guard! Have fun!

Oh shit! Almost forgot the Rulez.

1. You must use your character!

2. You must use the jutsu you have now plus 10 extra Jutsu or your choice.

3. You can't udderly Bullshit your way to the top by flying or I'll hit you with lightning or something.

4. Basic Rulez still apply.

5. You get 50 extra CK.

6. You can fight together or alone but no more then 3 to 1 Ratio. (3 of you vs 1 of my guys) at least not until the end!

7. Bitching is not allowed! I'm going to make this difficult! VERY VERY Difficult! My Baddies will appear on some floors and sometimes not appear at all. There powers are indeed crazy but they can all be killed and are in no way to be considered unbeatable.

Only Shika is...

Now sign-up and go try to kill me! The winner will get something special in return! You got 7 days starting today... GO!


My Levels will vary and my Bosses will never be the same! Prepare to fight the Goddess of Fate! The Zealot! The Shadow King! And Rick James... I Mean General Rosenburg ^^ or something like that...
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Death The Kid
Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain

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PostSubject: Re: SHIKATARU NARA MUST DIE!   Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:05 pm

sounds like fun
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